Neurotic depression

Neurotic depression or neurotic depression results from mental trauma and stress in a person’s life.

Depression of neurotic genesis

The cause of neurotic depression is the impact of mental trauma. Mental injuries can be: divorce, death of a loved one, man-made disasters, accidents, failure in love, as well as stress in everyday life: chronic conflicts in the family, problems at work, lack of money for the implementation of the plans, etc.

Symptoms of Neurotic Depression

In neurotic depression, the following symptoms are observed: anxiety, fear, fatigue, bad mood, lethargy, loss of appetite, dizziness, decreased activity, tearfulness, low self-esteem.

There are various types of depression neurotic origin:

Masked (hidden) depression of neurotic genesis (the symptoms are not as pronounced and do not appear as clearly as during depression, more often it is a slight depression of neurotic genesis);
Asteno-neurotic depression is characterized by symptoms: fatigue, exhaustion, bad mood, tearfulness, weakness.

Neurotic depression and depression are different. Depression can have an endogenous nature, that is, is associated with impaired neurotransmitter performance in the brain. Neurotic depression can be a reaction to stress or chronic stressful events in the family or at work, as a result of a dangerous activity. It may be called “reactive depression” (a reaction to psychotrauma). Neurotic depression is non-psychotic, that is, not associated with abnormalities in the brain (unlike BAR). With neurotic depression, there can be persistent bad mood.

Treatment of neurotic depression

Treatment of neurotic depression should be carried out comprehensively. First, you must seek help from a psychiatrist-psychotherapist. The doctor prescribes medication support. Then it is recommended to ask for help from a psychotherapist who is able to work well with the effects of trauma. Well can help regular psychotherapy.

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