How to get out of depression: 3 simple steps

Depression is very insidious. He has many shades. From the brightest a person does not want to live, nothing pleases him, to a slight discontent with life

You are not depressed if you are in love with life. You feel the lightness and joy. 

What are three simple steps for getting rid of depression? 

Step 1. Realize: Your problems are not unique. 

You are not alone. About 7 billion more people face the same problems as you. If you look around, you will understand: Your problems are flowers. Have you eaten anything for three days? You were sentenced to death? Not? Then you live in paradise. Realize it. And say “thank you” to life. 

There are
 no problems at all. There are just circumstances. In life, everything is simple. 

For example, there is a problem: I am broke. It’s horrible. And what is the reality? In the pocket of 100 dollars. You just have to go to work. And that’s all. Evaluative thoughts make life grim. 

Ask yourself: what problem do I have right now? This second? Not in 5 minutes or a year, but right now. You will see that there are no problems right now. 

Ask yourself this question always when you feel that there is no joy. 

Step 2. Change your internal state, and the outside world will change 

This means that if you do not have enough money, love or health, and you are worried, then whatever you do, you will still miss this. You can not think: I want to eat and at the same time be full. People change the external circumstances of their lives. Divorce, change jobs, move, but as there was no happiness, no. What to do? 

Think right now: how would you feel if you solved your problems? How would you live if you had enough time and money for everything? If you bathed in love? 

 would feel calm, gratitude and joy. Start from this second to live exactly as if you already have everything you need. Create this feeling of abundance. Stop thinking of yourself as a helpless little man who has nothing. You are the source of abundance. 

If you can live in a state of wealth and love, your external circumstances of life will definitely change. Feel yourself now as a person who is doing well. And watch how things miraculously improve. 

Step 3. Start helping other people. 
You have nothing to give? Give a warm word. Smile 

In fact, you have everything that you lack. Do you lack care and love? Give your love to your loved ones. Do you lack recognition and approval? Give recognition and approval to others. 

Right now, think about how you can help, what to share with people. If this article helped you, share this article with others. 

Start with small steps. And your ability to give will grow. And with it will grow the ability to love and rejoice. What you get from life allows you to survive.What you give makes you happy. What you give returns to you multiplied a hundred times. 

 remember: you are the source of wealth, joy and love

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