Depression before menstruation, how to get rid of?

Almost every woman before menstruation suffers from depression, she does not know how to cope with her emotions, does not understand what is happening to her. Often a woman completely loses control of herself, becomes suspicious, irritable, constantly crying or laughing hysterically. Scientists have noticed that precisely these days a woman can start taking drugs, abuse alcoholic beverages. Also on critical days it is not recommended to drive a car, there is a danger of getting into an accident because of its absent-mindedness, increased nervousness. What to do? Is it possible to prevent or overcome depression?

Main reasons

Experts have long found an explanation for the depressive state of a woman – a change in hormones. Before the onset of menstruation (21–28 day), the amount of estrogen decreases sharply; however, if you take the hormone orally, it still does not help.

Some scientists believe that the cause of depression are:

  • Emotional disorders.
  • Seasonal disorders.
  • Diseases of the thyroid gland.
  • Shifted stress.

Most often, depression is characteristic of neuropathic, hysterical women with an unstable psyche. Sometimes the cause of depression can be malnutrition. If you change it, you can get rid of some unpleasant symptoms.

Signs of depression before menstruation

  • Touchiness, tearfulness, constant anxiety.
  • Increased irritability.
  • Sudden anger and aggression.
  • Strong headache.
  • Mood swings.
  • Weakness, distraction.
  • Everything falls out of the hands.
  • Household troubles – burns and cuts.
  • Confused thoughts.
  • Drowsiness or insomnia.
  • Strong craving for sweet, salty.

A woman may not notice her changes, but others immediately see that something is wrong with her. First of all, there are problems with sleep, then during the day the woman suffers from motor, mental retardation, completely refuses to eat.

In addition, aching joints, pain in the muscles and chest. What to do in this case? Only a psychotherapist can help. In severe cases, it can all end in suicide.

Depression prevention

Experts recommend drinking as much as possible diuretic infusions, eat healthy and unsalted food. Be sure to in the diet should be food, which includes potassium, vitamin B6:

  • Bananas.
  • A fish.
  • Grapes
  • Eggs
  • Dried apricots.
  • Chocolate.
  • Apples.
  • Broccoli.
  • Raisins.
  • Cocoa.

If the depression is aggravated, medication is prescribed: vitamin A, B6, E, calcium, magnesium. With their help, you can lead to normal metabolism, restore hormone levels.

Eliminate the unpleasant symptoms will help sports loads. Psychologists advise: “Do not accumulate negative in yourself, learn how to splash it out.” Nowadays, “room for getting rid of negativity” is popular in Europe. In it you can beat a pear, dishes, scream.

Some methods can be used at home. Are you nervous? Not sure what to do? Go out and take a walk, get involved in an interesting affair. You can sit down 20 times, go away from the city and scream at the throat. So you get rid of negative emotions. I want to cry? Do not hold back tears, cry, you will feel better.

It is not recommended to suffer alone, it plunges even more into the gray pool. Invite a girlfriend, a loved one, you can go shopping together. It has long been proven – shopping helps fight depression. Always remember that this condition torments every woman for several days, then it passes, and it becomes easier.

Soothing baths

We recommend to take a relaxing bath with the addition of essential oil of lemon wormwood, lavender. Well help foot bath with the addition of infusion of lemon balm, dried leaves, roses. Then perform a foot massage with fir oil. To improve sleep, use aromatic pads of currant leaves, oregano, mint, lavender flowers.

Are you worried about depression before menstruation? Try to relax as much as possible, go for a walk on the air, sign up for yoga, relaxing massage, go to the pool. Spend time with your close friends, do not dwell on everyday problems. Do not forget to care for yourself, despite your age. Every woman is beautiful, so love and appreciate yourself, then you will not have problems with well-being. Stay always in good spirits!

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