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Why do some people dream, but not others? Is it possible to get better due to lack of sleep? And what kind of music do you need to listen to fall asleep faster? – Client.

Insomnia and an increase in daylight are not connected in any way. Sleep problems are more likely to occur, in contrast, in autumn and winter. During this period, daylight hours are reduced. Against this background, depression develops and there are problems with falling asleep. In the spring, such troubles just recede.

The most common cause of falling asleep at any time of the year is stress. Disturbing you from falling asleep can be experiences or, on the contrary, great joy. Therefore, the main advice is to try to relax. Do not overwork, do not exercise before bedtime. Exclude strong coffee, tea, alcohol. It is better to drink soothing tea at night.

Pay attention to your sleeping place. Is the room too stuffy or noisy? Maybe the curtains are not too dense? If necessary, use a blindfold, ear plugs. And do not constantly look at the clock – this can also prevent you from falling asleep.

If there is a park or alley in front of your house, then do not deny yourself the pleasure of taking a walk before bedtime. Also try to get up and go to bed at the same time every day, including weekends. If you are healthy, then this should work.

The cause of insomnia can be psychological problems. Some people literally program themselves for insomnia. They are so preoccupied with this problem that from early evening they are full of negative thoughts. This attitude also prevents full relaxation.

For about a year now I have to get up very early. The child needs to be taken to the garden, and rush to work herself. After that, I feel overwhelmed all day. What to do? – Client.

Of course, it is best to follow your biological rhythm. But a person lives in a society that dictates its conditions. Therefore, you need to try to organize yourself.

Fortunately, most people are pigeons. That is, at different periods of life, they adapt either to “owls” or to “larks”. Try not only to get up earlier, but also to go to bed earlier – somewhere for two hours. I think that over time you will get used to it and you will no longer feel discomfort.

In addition, you can always find a compromise. Maybe the husband can take the child to kindergarten? And you will pick up the child in the evenings. In this case, you will sleep for an hour more and you will feel better.

I have a nervous job. Sometimes in the evenings I can not calm down and then I drink sedative. I noticed that over time, the medicine works worse. Are there any methods to get rid of insomnia without medication? – Client.

Such methods exist. For example, sleep restriction therapy. The bottom line is that the time a person is in bed is strictly limited. After all, if you can’t sleep, why go to bed?

Treatment is under the supervision of a physician. He sets the exact time: what time you need to get into bed and what time to get up. You need to wake up on an alarm clock. Gradually, the time spent in bed increases by several minutes and so is brought to the set 7-8 hours. Treatment lasts until a person learns to use the time allotted for sleep as intended.

It takes me about eight hours to get enough sleep. And my husband needs five hours for a full sleep. What does it depend on? – Client.

The vast majority of people sleep from seven to eight hours. Only a few are content with five to six hours and still feel good.

Some people tend to underestimate the amount of time spent in Morpheus’ arms. We can’t determine exactly what time we fell asleep. It is likely that your spouse belongs to this category of people.

In any case, a dream lasting four or ten hours is already an abnormal phenomenon. In such cases, you need to undergo a special examination – polysomnography. It will show the real time of sleep and wakefulness. Based on these data, doctors will choose a program for the correction of sleep disorders. Unless, of course, the latter will really be discovered.

For the past few months, I have been constantly having nightmares. At the same time, I don’t have any particular life problems. Why is this happening? How to get rid of scary dreams? – Client.

If you have nightmares regularly, then you are probably worried about some unresolved psychological problem. Perhaps she is at the subconscious level. Therefore, you cannot realize and solve it yourself. In this case, consult a specialist.

A conversation with a psychologist about the contents of a nightmare dream and your life problems is likely to help solve the problem. You will gain a sense of self-confidence. Then the nightmares will recede. In some cases, you have to turn to more complex methods – psychotherapy and hypnosis.

I rarely have dreams. But my friend says that he sees dreams every day. And they are so colorful and interesting that he does not want to wake up. What is the reason for this? – Client.

Do not worry: lack of dreams is not an indication of any disturbance. Dreams, most likely, dream of everyone. But not everyone remembers them. Or forget immediately after waking up.

It has nothing to do with your memory. A person, as a rule, remembers those dreams that he saw immediately before awakening. And while he woke up in the fifth phase of sleep. It is also called “fast.” There are just five of them, and they are repeated several times a night.

Apparently, your friend lies down and gets up at the same time. And his awakening falls into precisely the fifth phase. And the beauty of dreams can be associated with some experienced events.

If you shift your sleep schedule, then dreams will most likely come to you. Maybe you see your rare dreams at the weekend. It is at this time that you manage to sleep longer. And you wake up a little later than usual, just in the fifth phase. Watch yourself.

Often I need more than half an hour to fall asleep. There are days when I fall asleep a few hours after I go to bed. This is normal? – Client.

The normal time to fall asleep should be less than 20 minutes. If you cannot fall asleep within half an hour and this is repeated regularly, you should think about consulting with a neurologist.

The causes of sleep disturbances can be many. In addition to traditional stresses and depressions, this is the torment of conscience, and love experiences, and overexcitation, and chronic fatigue, and various ailments.

If there are no obvious reasons, then first try to limit mental and physical work before bedtime. Do not take “invigorating” drinks. And of course, keep your sleep patterns.

If this does not help, you should undergo a special examination. You will fall asleep, and doctors will fix all the parameters of your sleep. The data obtained will allow us to conclude violations and prescribe treatment.

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