How is the Nervous System

Did you know that every person from birth is endowed with 15 billion nerve cells?

And despite the fact that during the life we ​​lose 1–2 billion cells, the number of remaining ones is still huge. Every day we lose about 100 thousand cells, and this means – our nervous strength, mental potential decreases. And therefore I will try to show how important it is to appreciate the most important human organ – the brain, as well as the entire complex system of nerves, with which it controls the body.

For the nervous system is characterized by a clear subordinate structure, where the main is the brain, and the performer is the peripheral nervous system. All of these components are in a harmonious relationship, which is why the coordinated work of the entire system depends on each of its departments.

Its operation resembles an electrified den. On billions of ways, electric messages are sent every few seconds, that is, the thought is literally electrified. At the same time, the connection between cells has not an electrical, but a biochemical basis.

The signal of one cell, coming up the appendix (each cell is equipped with it) to the body of another, reaches a small gap (it is called synoptic), and chemical mediators are thrown into it – neurotransmitters (dopamine, serotonin, acetylcholine, adrenaline, norepinephrine, etc.) ). They all have their own action and their point of application. They serve as a kind of “lubrication” for our thoughts.

Neurotransmitters are essential for the normal functioning of the nervous system. With a lack of dopamine, for example, there is such a terrible disease, like Parkinson’s disease. LSD-induced hallucinations are associated with serotonin metabolism. The stimulating effect of amphetamines (psychostimulants) is associated with the concentration in the body of adrenaline and noradrenaline (they consist of molecules and atoms). A deficiency or excess of these biochemical compounds affects the functioning of the nervous system, and consequently, the behavior, well-being and mood of a person.

Each cell can receive a signal from 10 thousand of its “colleagues”. These endless contacts form the basis of all higher processes characteristic of our consciousness.

This system is the structure of the nervous system, essentially very simplified, I led to make it obvious how complex the processes occurring in it. And therefore it is very easy, without knowing and not adhering to very simple rules, to bring your nerves to exhaustion and illnesses, sometimes very serious.

How To Eat To Strengthen The Nervous System

According to scientists, human health is only 10% dependent on the possibilities of medicine, 20% on heredity, 70% on food consumed by a person and his lifestyle.

Improper nutrition, bad habits, we ruin our nervous system, our inner potential is not a secret to anyone. And therefore, from time to time we rush to the other extreme, going on a diet.

Diet is a very fashionable word now. We are starving or becoming vegetarians. But if everything was so simple! A person, after reading a book about vegetarianism, gets rid of all the “extra” products, forgetting that a sharp change in the nature of food can do him a disservice. I remember such a case from my practice. A woman of 47 years old set out to live to old age without a single disease. As a result of malnutrition, the constant feeling of hunger, she became aggressive, earned a powerful neurosis. I managed to help her regain her health. But how long will the relatives of this woman remember her irritability, aggression? No, I am in no way trying to prove the harmfulness of vegetarianism or another diet. However, I want to note that any diet is a shake-up for our body and, above all, for the nervous system. This is especially noticeable when, after sitting on a diet, we begin with double strength to lean on gingerbread and other goodies. Such drastic changes lead to stress, and sometimes to depression.

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