9 Easy Tips for Depression

It can be caused by the pain of losing a loved one who occupied an important place in your life, big personal troubles such as divorce or loss of work, etc. The appearance of depression in such cases (even if it lasts several months) is completely natural defensive response of the brain, however, it tends to progress.

In order to prevent severe depression, it is necessary to know its symptoms and, if there are any, take urgent measures.

Here are the main symptoms:

   • if you have a depressed, anxious mood or a feeling of inner emptiness that does not pass;

   • if you have suicidal thoughts;

   • if your previous relationships and activities that gave you pleasure, now do not cause feelings of joy, even if sex has ceased to interest you;

   • if you cannot sleep, sleep too much or wake up very early;

   • If, together with a feeling of depression, it is difficult for you to focus on something, remember something or make a decision;

   • if, against the background of a gloomy mood, you began to consume more alcohol than usual;

   • If you want to scream or cry out of desperation.

Regardless of the causes of depression, there are many effective ways to deal with it.

1.Throw out the feeling of guilt. If your depression is connected with him, then self-blame will not help the cause, it is important to do something here. The feeling of guilt really flows from mistakes. And it is permissible. But the pathological feeling of guilt or shame looks different – then a person considers himself wrong.

2.Light your way to everyday positive things. Try to improve your sleep pattern, give up daytime sleep. Thus, it will be easier for you to regulate the full sleep cycle and distribute your time. Therefore, you will have time to do more. This will increase your self-esteem, and you will feel better. If you have a great deal of business, do not take it all at once. Set aside something not so important, otherwise you risk exposing yourself to severe stress.

3.Give up your morning coffee. A cup of coffee with sugar can double the depression. Many people who exclude this product from their diet, notice significant changes in the state after four to five days.

4.Leave booze to others. Periods of bad mood is a very convenient time to quit alcohol. Indeed, despite its short-term dulling effect on the emotional state, alcohol only increases depression.

5.Get rid of depression through exercise. Many people celebrate their antidepressant effects. Regularity is important here. And the intensity and duration of the exercises depends on your overall condition. Especially good results you can achieve if you practice outdoors.

6.Reduce time watching television. Proved: this is a very harmful occupation in itself can lead to the emergence and deepening of depression. One of its primary symptoms is apathy, loss of taste for life and lack of energy. Addiction to television greatly complicates the overcoming of such a state.

7.Give up smoking. This addiction is also closely related to depression. But if the degree of mood reduction you have is large enough, then you will need help in giving up the habit. And it is best to consult an acupuncturist, after several trips to which the desire to drag on will leave you forever. I was convinced of this by the example of my husband, who smoked for 29 years in a row and could not stop. It was only after I had several acupuncture sessions that he quit and no longer thought about cigarettes.

8.Control your actions. Do not make serious decisions in a state of depression. Let’s say about a job change, marriage or divorce. Here you need to seriously think about everything, but only after you get out of depression. And in order to return to normal, it will take a lot of time, so you should not make high demands on yourself.

9.Take advantage of aromatherapy. Research suggests that there is a direct and powerful connection between the perception of smells and emotions. Even with a mental picture of the smell, there can be a change of waves in the brain – so say scientists from the Foundation for the Study of Treatment with the help of olfactory and taste sensations in Chicago. The smell of jasmine, for example, can cause a rise in energy in a depressed person. When you have a bad mood, put jasmine oil on your hand and inhale the smell.

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