Occasionally it happens in all of us. But when a person spends night after night without sleep – that is another matter. Insomnia is almost always a reflection of other disorders. She testifies or about failures in a physical condition, or about emotional experiences.

Often, chronic diseases associated with pain (say, arthritis) do not allow you to close your eyes for a moment. After a quarrel with your soul mate, you can also spend the night without sleep. And the trouble at work can turn into the fact that a person twists until the morning under a blanket.

In addition, sometimes there are enough changes in the usual rhythm of life to cause sleep disturbances. For example, in connection with work at night shift or because of different time zones.

According to experts, insomnia often begins with a few nights, when you cannot fall asleep, for example, after an injury or emotional turmoil. After such nights, a nap may become a habit during the day and unsuccessful attempts to fall asleep at night. The man begins to watch television, lying in bed, or come back in the middle of the night to the refrigerator. Before he has time to realize what is happening to him, new habits become systematic. Such disorders are known as habitual insomnia.

All the efforts made by most people to normalize sleep, in fact, only worsen it. Root causes disappear, and insomnia, sadly, remains. Bad habits are fixed, which do not allow a person to fall asleep: people begin to constantly look at the clock, closer to the night they become anxious.

The rhythm of sleep in people suffering from chronic insomnia is so unsettled that they resemble furiously dancing to the measured melody of an old waltz. What are the signs of chronic insomnia?

   • You have difficulty falling asleep almost every evening for several weeks.

   • You have a fear of going to bed, because you doubt whether you can fall asleep.

   • You feel very tired during the day and cannot concentrate to work normally.

   • You use alcohol or drugs to sleep.

If before the occurrence of these disorders you had a good sleep, then you will definitely get better with it. However, do not expect instant changes. Agree, it took a lot of time for your sleep to break so much, therefore, it will be restored gradually.

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