Depression leads to accelerated aging

Depression is directly related to the functioning of the nervous system. There are many reasons for the development of depression, but one of the main reasons is the loss of the meaning of life. However, difficulties at work, unregulated working day, strained relations in the family also play an important role in the appearance of despondency, apathy, chronic boredom and unwillingness to do anything.

The most dangerous is depression, which has turned into a chronic form, since then many organs of the human body begin to suffer.

Scientists from Holland on the eve found that depression significantly speeds up the aging process in the body. According to scientists, the human body is aged for five or six years if negative emotions influence it for a long time. To obtain such data, scientists had to subject the genes of two and a half thousand volunteers to a deep analysis.

Researchers have tried to detect differences in the structure of telomeres, since it is possible to judge the biological age and the aging process from this genetic material.

Scientists specifically selected people who did not have signs of depression and volunteers with a vivid clinical picture of this disease. This step was necessary to avoid possible errors in the calculations.

The experiment showed that the telomeres of people who had been depressed for a long time were slightly shorter than those who did not experience depression. The length by which telomeres were reduced was 83-84 DNA bases.

Scientists also found that depressions tend to accumulate and layered one on top of the other. This fact further confirms the danger of depression.

The researchers noted that the acceleration of aging of the body occurs not only under the influence of stress, but also because of the influence of a polluted environment, bad habits (cigarette smoking and alcohol abuse), as well as a sedentary lifestyle. But it is enough to follow quite simple rules so that health remains normal for a long time.

It should be noted that this work of scientists will help to find out why people with depression develop cancer, dementia and type 2 diabetes. Meanwhile, scientists have found the most effective method of dealing with depression – this is sports, which improves mood and helps to fight many difficulties.

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