Seasonal depression

There are people on whom the advent of spring is depressing. What to do if depression has attacked you when everything in nature wakes up and enjoys life?

Anyone who has ever experienced depression knows how hard it is. The mood is constantly bad, longing and despondency perched somewhere behind the sternum, in the morning it is almost impossible to get out of bed, in the afternoon you go awake.

Tears welling themselves in the eyes, often they can not be restrained even at work and just outside. Everything around is seen in black light, life seems aimless, the future is hopeless. Nothing pleases, and everyday worries annoy with their meaninglessness.

If you have such a condition, then you must immediately consult a doctor, discarding any embarrassment.

But conditions with less pronounced symptoms are much more common. For example, an excellent student suddenly stops learning. An active middle-aged woman suddenly loses her energy and complains about a bouquet of various diseases, and doctors do not find anything from her and can not help her.

Unfortunately, very often even the closest ones relate to these conditions as merely as whims and inability to behave. Moreover, people in depression are irritable, “lazy”, strive for solitude and really do not like when they stick to them.

But this condition is no less serious than, for example, flu with a high temperature.

Probably the most correct tactic for the behavior of relatives in this situation is to be extremely attentive and affectionate in relation to such a person, to make him some indulgences. But in no case do not lisp and not too sorry. Otherwise, soon the whole house will revolve around it.

What is the reason?

So what to do if you feel the approach of formidable signs?

I am opposed to having “overcome” myself all my life. But this is precisely the case when, willingly or not, one has to make efforts on oneself. Otherwise, you will become depressed and will shed tears for a very long time, perhaps until the end of your days.

Try to focus and analyze what caused this condition. If we cannot understand the reason, this does not mean that it does not exist. Perhaps there were some malfunctions in our body, most likely in the metabolism in the brain.

An external cause of depression most often is an ongoing conflict, an unresolved problem, and debilitating nervous stress.

In this case, you can be treated as long as you like, but the depressed state will not pass until the situation resolves or you change your attitude towards it.

Do not confuse reason and reason either. For example, in a normal, healthy woman, a husband’s betrayal can cause anything: an attack of despair, an emotional explosion, a nervous breakdown, but not depression. If she fell into heavy gloom, then, most likely, this lady had a long internal conflict. And treason was only an excuse, an impetus, which launched the mechanism of the disease.

If you don’t find any reason for the depression that has arisen, think about it: had you been unwell before this time of year?

Many people are subject to seasonal mood changes. And there’s nothing wrong with that. A person once or twice a year experiences a breakdown, most often in autumn and spring. But this is offset by increased activity at other times of the year.

Seasonal depression is not always pronounced. Sometimes a person just gets tired very quickly. And it’s not just the lack of vitamins in the spring. Depression “loves” to disguise itself as bodily ailments. These diseases are not treatable by therapists, but then they somehow pass by themselves.

But if any serious nuisance is superimposed on such a seasonal decline in mood, then the depressed state may be deeper.

Sometimes a person in his whole life catches up with only one depressive phase, but what a! Most often this happens in adolescence, but sometimes at a more mature age. This is especially true of active, active people: it is as if nature itself cares for the conservation of their psychic energy. And those who spend it powerfully, she puts to bed for a while facing the wall.

Catch the wave

Almost everyone has conditions when they don’t want to live. But this does not mean at all that one should give in to such a mood. The first and most important thing is to believe that this will pass, in a week, a month, in extreme cases, in six months. You just need to have patience and courage and wait. But to wait is not passive, but noting for himself every moment for himself a momentary improvement.

Quite often, the way out of the depressive state is wavy, and over time, the light gaps become longer. You should try not to fall out of the usual rhythm of life too much, but it makes sense to protect yourself from excessive efforts.

Try not to get hung up on your experiences, do not discuss your misfortunes with friends. Better make an effort on yourself and talk on neutral topics.

Even in the darkest times, remember the brightest thing in life. Listen to music that used to say so much to your heart – maybe something will respond.

Of course, you do not want to communicate with people. But still, occasionally make an effort on yourself, go out into the light, meet those who are pleasant and interesting to you. In general, try not to miss any good impressions available to you.

If possible, I highly recommend a complete change of scenery: go somewhere out of town for about two weeks, ski through “I can’t” until all my muscles ache. Or swim completely, breathe fresh air, wander through the woods.

There are things that you should not do even in a shallow depression. You can not drink alcohol, despite the illusory relief, this only exacerbates the condition.

You cannot make important decisions – in depression, the ability to perceive the environment in all its nuances suffers, and analytical thinking is also distorted. Therefore, it is highly likely that the decision made will be wrong, and you will later regret it.

Life awaits you

Recently, new generation antidepressants have appeared; these are excellent drugs with almost no side effects. But they need to be used only as prescribed by the doctor, otherwise you can turn into zombies of the American type, which cannot go without a step.

And the last one. Never forget that your condition torments not only you, but also your loved ones. And your duty to them is to get out of this quagmire as quickly as possible.

Do not give up, and the day will come when you want to laugh – just like that, for no reason, because life is good.

And in general, if you are depressed, then for some reason you need it! Hermann Hesse said about this: “Despair does not send us to kill us; he sends it to us to awaken a new life. “

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