Dietary depression

With the departure of summer, many feel a breakdown and a decrease in mood. Can foods provoke depression?

There are not many foods that can cause depression. These are coffee, sugar and sweeteners. As well as large quantities of red meat.

Scientists have noticed: people who drink three to four cups of coffee a day or more are usually prone to depression. Nutritionists attribute this fact to caffeine dependence. If a coffee lover is deprived of daily doping, he feels overwhelmed, miserable and limp. In order not to become a victim of coffee depression, doctors recommend drinking no more than one or two cups of coffee a day and taking breaks in the use of this drink.

Many people in the throes of a bad mood turn to sweets as a consolation. However, medical studies have shown that excess sugar in food increases depression and fatigue. The thing is that sweets are also addictive. The body adjusts to produce a lot of insulin for sugar utilization. And so the lack of another “sweet dose” causes a sharp decrease in mood.

Some common nutritional supplements can lead to depression. For example, it has been shown that among regular aspartame sweetener consumers, depression is more common.

The situation is slightly different with meat. If you often eat a lot of beef, lamb or pork, the meat does not have time to completely digest it. Moreover, decomposition processes begin to prevail in the large intestine. As a result, poisons are formed.

Absorbed into the blood, these poisons adversely affect the entire body. And above all, the functioning of the nervous system is disrupted. A person becomes more irritable, gets tired quickly and sleeps poorly. It is especially dangerous to eat a lot of meat for people with an unhealthy liver, in which poisons are neutralized.

Food to your liking

Quite often, sadness and longing are not caused by specific foods, but by eating habits.

Inadequate intake of vegetable oils and oily sea fish leads to depression. Essential fats are very important as a building material for the nervous system and maintaining a stable mood. Therefore, those who are too limited in fat often suffer from loss of vitality.

Depression also occurs in people who are deficient in magnesium, folic acid, and vitamin B6. Their deficiency leads to a low level of serotonin in the brain – a substance important for a good mood. These vitamins are lacking primarily for those who do not consume greens and eat few vegetables and fruits.

Those who seek to lose weight at all costs are also at risk of developing depression. According to psychologists, any tasteless and monotonous food dramatically reduces the emotional background. And makes us lethargic, provoking chronic fatigue.

Therefore, it is very important that your menu consists of products that you like. If you hate buckwheat or oatmeal, do not put yourself on a diet that includes these cereals.

Your body will already suffer from hunger. Against this background, an unloved product can cause you psychological trauma. And it can even result in a nervous breakdown.

The threat of dietary depression is especially relevant in the fall months. Cooling, shorter daylight hours already lead to a decrease in the emotional background. Therefore, in the fall, you should not start hard diets for weight loss. Diet should be gentle, with an insignificant rate of getting rid of extra pounds.

Weather Products

How to deal with autumn depression with nutrition? Nutritionists recommend eating cheese, turkey and chicken meat, pasta and wholemeal bread. These products contain substances – the precursors of the hormones of joy.

To resist depression, according to psychologists, it is possible with the help of red, orange and yellow. On your table should be oranges, tangerines, sea buckthorn, carrots, pumpkin, bell peppers, pineapples and corn. All these products are low-calorie, so do not worry about the figure.

Do not forget about products – sources of magnesium and vitamin B6. These are bananas, nuts, watermelons and leafy greens, as well as the use of magnesium-rich water. They reduce excitability and normalize sleep. In periods when you are completely sad, you can treat yourself to a small cake or a slice of chocolate.

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