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Hypochondriacs are people who are afraid of getting sick in the world. Why do many of us today become psychological “hypochondriacs”? And how to stop diagnosing yourself with either stress or depression?

I would not categorically answer “yes”. But the number of people preoccupied with their psychological state is actually growing. As well as the number of those who need the help of a psychologist or psychotherapist.

The reasons for this can be found in mass. But as the main one, I would single out the general uncertainty and instability in which we all find ourselves now. After all, it would seem that there were very difficult times in our lives. And the war, and the postwar years. But for some reason then there was no such surge of psychological syndromes and difficulties. Part of the matter is precisely in certainty. People had an idea. The total. There was faith in the future and in myself. There were some guarantees that the state gave.

After the restructuring from a period of stability, we collapsed into fame. And we won’t get out of there. All this worries people.

But there is no feeling that people greatly exaggerate their difficulties? Relatively speaking, are they looking for depression where it does not exist?

Yes, this is happening today. It is connected with a huge amount of negative information that pours out on us. Mostly thanks to the internet.

Notice how psychological horror stories regularly appear on the Internet. Bad relationships with her husband – so he is an abuser and a moral rapist. You are experiencing a difficult gap – you have a clear psychological dependence. Everything falls out of hand and there is no strength – yes you have depression, my friend.

That is, whatever happens to us is attracted to the psychological aspects. There is no love – there is an addiction. There is no bad mood – there is depression. There is no misunderstanding – there is a toxic relationship.

Each normal emotion is a ready-made “diagnosis”. And if the diagnosis is, then we must be treated. With this presentation of information, many fall into the psychological “hypochondria.”

But there is another point. Why are we so easy to fall for? Why does someone continue to live and enjoy, while someone waves his hand. You won’t achieve much with my depression. ”

And why do we so gullibly accept the “diagnoses” placed on us?

I think the point is the inability to be adults and be responsible for their decisions and actions. Unwillingness to take responsibility.

And uncertainty is always fear. The second is uncertainty. The desire to hide, to renounce reality. In this situation, any diagnosis is salvation. I will not solve pressing problems because I have depression. Point. But I’m also unlikely to treat depression. Because she is my “shield.”

The third reason I would call the general reduced emotional background. It would seem that there is plenty of entertainment and opportunities to please yourself and loved ones. But sometimes it seems that people simply do not have the strength and desire to smile broadly, rejoice sincerely, as in childhood. This attitude also makes us believe that something is wrong with the psyche.

But in fact, depression, addiction and other psychological difficulties are in fact. How to distinguish, for example, misunderstanding in marriage from toxic relationships?

Include common sense. Take the same depression. From a medical point of view, this is a very definite condition. In everyday life, anything is called depression today. From bad mood to bad temper. Therefore, it is worth connecting the brain and thinking. How often do I feel bad? What does it spoil from? Have I always been so tearful and miserable? Maybe this is because I just have a melancholy type of temperament? Or am I having problems with the thyroid gland, which greatly affects the female mood?

That’s something like that, holding the tip of the thread, it is worth unwinding the “ball” of their problems.

A psychiatric illness is diagnosed by a psychiatrist. Psychological illness – psychologist or psychotherapist. And you need to go to them when you have considered all other reasons and understood that this is not about you.

Relatively speaking, after a divorce from your first husband, who was rude to you, you should not look for the victim’s syndrome. But if you are already entering into a third relationship and the situation repeats, then yes, there is reason to think.

And it can’t be that you don’t pay attention to something, while the psychological problem only grows and worsens?

Can. This trend is also present today. Someone literally in every “sneeze” is looking for a neurosis or childhood trauma. And someone does not notice that he is becoming more and more immersed in a psychological ailment. But this still happens less frequently.

For example, the situation. The woman suddenly died husband. And relatives drag her to a consultation with a psychologist, because she will not come to her senses for a year and a half. On the one hand, honor and praise to them. For vigilance and indifference.

On the other hand, in most cases, a specialist will advise you to let her burn out. Because this is a difficult process and takes place in several stages. Someone faster, someone slower. But a year and a half to get out of the situation of loss is more the norm than a clinical case.

What else, besides common sense, helps not to fall into psychological hypochondria? But do not miss a serious problem?

Attention to yourself. His state of mind, physical well-being. Say your neck hurts. Constantly. Physiotherapy, massages, pills do not help much. Doctors do not make any diagnoses – from the point of view of somatics you are healthy. But there is pain.

It is worth considering the psychological component. Perhaps you have “hung” so many tasks and problems around your neck that you simply cannot handle them. Maybe you do not show the necessary flexibility in situations when it is necessary.

I would also recommend a reasonable distrust. Especially for online publications. After all, it is known that 90 percent of information on health topics on the Internet is not true.

And honesty is very important. With myself. If you understand and realize that you have been living with constant and acute resentment against your mother for forty years, this is really a psychological problem. Which is worth getting rid of. Just to breathe easier.

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