Spring melancholy

Spring depression really exists. First, fatigue builds up in the body by this time. Secondly, not every spring is a holiday. There are gloomy cold days. And if another person does not look up, but down, then he sees slush, dirt, debris that was hiding under the snow. The upbeat that other people experience may also be a trigger for awareness of depression. The man somehow coped with his depression, but when he saw that everyone was happy in anticipation of the warm days, he realized that something was wrong with him.

But maybe we take overwork, vitamin deficiency for depression? – A Patient.

Asthenia and depression are two different things. An asthenic condition can occur after an illness, as a result of fatigue – physical or mental. You just need to relax.

In a state of depression, a person does not even have such thoughts – switch himself. He doesn’t want anything. Previously, depression was treated with travel. This is a good way if the condition is not yet serious. But if depression has already gone quite far, then he will not be happy.

But everyone is in a bad mood. How to understand: is it already depression or just a decrease in tone? – A Patient. – A Patient.

A bad mood, if there is a reason for this, is a normal phenomenon. It is not normal if you do not experience negative emotions when major troubles occur in life: illness, death of a loved one, serious financial losses. A depressed mood is a defensive reaction. The body needs time to adapt to new conditions, so it works at reduced speed. Recovery takes 2-3 weeks. But if even after this period a person continues to be discouraged, then his psychological capabilities are exhausted. And you need to see a doctor.

But what if the difficult situation continues? Here is how one of our readers writes: “I am 40 years old, I am single. I have a mother with Alzheimer’s – all symptoms worsen in spring. ” Can a doctor help her with something? – A Patient.

Yes, of course. If this woman is depressed, she will be given a drug to get out of this condition. But since the situation is unsolvable at the moment, she must then go to a psychotherapist who will teach her to look at this situation differently. It will help to respond to less and less emotional, more optimistic perceive some positive aspects that are in life. Otherwise, a woman may simply not be able to withstand such a psychological burden.

And if a person does not have a special reason for a bad mood, but nevertheless, life is not sweet for him? – A Patient.

And does this condition last for more than two weeks? Then the more you need to go to the doctor. Perhaps this is mild depression, which is easily treated. Most often, people turn to us when they feel really bad. To cure such a person, you need more time and medicine.

In the spring, many have mood swings. Yesterday everything seemed to be fine, today you wake up – life failed. 2-3 days pass, and again everything seems to be getting better. – A Patient.

In a dream, the brain collects information over time. Something unpleasant happened, but you did not pay attention to it. Or simply did not want to attach importance to this. The subconscious at night tries to analyze the situation and gives a signal: it is dangerous! You wake up, and for some reason you have a bad mood. Two or three days passed, nothing happened or a solution was found, the subconscious mind calms down. And you are again in a good mood.

In addition, in the spring a person tunes in to positive. And at the same time, we have a special sensitivity to environmental stresses. Already I want to go on vacation, and then the boss orders to write a report. In principle, this is a normal task, but the mood changes, irritability appears. You coped with the report, you want updates, positive, and then my daughter brings a deuce from school. Again the mood goes bad. And if during the year these jumps were taken calmly, then in the spring we feel them much more sharply.

You urge you to see a doctor with your mental problems. But you know how we treat psychiatrists: heal, turn into zombies, put on record. – A Patient.

All this remained in the distant past. Medications in psychiatry appeared just 60 years ago. Then the treatment was rude, severe.

Now there are drugs with a very clear mechanism of action, they are aimed at specific receptors and are assigned clearly by symptoms. Antidepressants have a minimum of side effects and are themselves quite safe.

The main thing is to choose the right antidepressant and dose. This usually takes 2-3 weeks. But the patient goes to work, performs all his functions. Depression does not change personality.

But there is a fear of “getting hooked” on antidepressants. After all, it is impossible to recover once and for all. Six months will pass, and depression may return. – A Patient.

How do we treat colds? We take drugs that lower the temperature, we use drops from a cold, a cough syrup. They recovered, and after two or three months fell under the rain, and again fell ill. Again I have to be treated. Depression must be treated in the same way as any somatic disease. Antidepressants do not cause physical dependence.

And psychological? I have a problem in my life, I don’t want to solve it, it’s better to take a pill. – A Patient.

Well, firstly, you don’t buy antidepressants at the pharmacy just like that – they are sold strictly according to the prescription. Secondly, for this there is a doctor to determine whether you need to take drugs now or not. These are not stimulants, not drugs, from which you can fall into euphoria or a state of complete detachment. And if you do not have depression, a pill will not help solve your problem.

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